Shepherds Hope

**The Mysterious World of Cheese: Uncovering the Secrets of Shepherd’s Hope**

Have you ever wondered what makes a cheese so unique, so divine, that it becomes a staple in many a gourmet’s pantry? Today, we embark on a journey to uncover the secrets of Shepherd’s Hope, a cheese so fresh, so delightful, that it will leave you wanting more.

**The Story Behind Shepherd’s Hope**

Located in southeastern Minnesota, Shepherd’s Way Farms is a family-owned dairy farm that has been perfecting the art of cheese-making since 1995. Steven and Jodi Ohlsen Read, along with their four children, work tirelessly to produce some of the finest artisanal cheeses in the country. Their passion for quality and dedication to sustainable farming practices have earned them a reputation for excellence in the world of cheese.

**The Magic of Shepherd’s Hope**

Shepherd’s Hope is a fresh cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk. With an open texture and no rind, this cheese is as delicate as it is flavorful. Its creamy, white interior is reminiscent of a fresh Feta, but without the salty kick. Instead, Shepherd’s Hope boasts a subtle, milky flavor that is both refreshing and addictive.

**The Making of a Masterpiece**

Jodi Ohlsen Read, co-owner of the farm, carefully crafts each wheel of Shepherd’s Hope by hand. Using only the freshest milk from their own flock, she carefully curdles the milk, cuts the curds into large chunks to retain moisture, and then shapes them into small wheels. The cheese is then left to drain, and turned regularly to ensure an even dryness. The result is a cheese so tender, it’s almost ethereal.

**The Science Behind the Cheese**

Shepherd’s Hope is available in two varieties: natural and garlic/herb organic. Both versions boast a fresh, light flavor, with the garlic/herb option adding a subtle depth to the cheese. With a fat content of around 20%, this cheese is both rich and refreshing. Its semi-soft texture makes it perfect for snacking, cooking, or simply enjoying on its own.

**The Perfect Pairing**

So, what makes Shepherd’s Hope the perfect addition to your cheese board? For starters, its delicate flavor won’t overpower other cheeses or accompaniments. Try pairing it with a crisp Chardonnay for a match made in heaven. Alternatively, use it in place of mozzarella in a caprese salad, or as a topping for a fresh pizza. The possibilities are endless!

**Cheese Plate Inspiration**

Looking for inspiration for your next cheese plate? Try pairing Shepherd’s Hope with:

  • Crisp, fresh fruit, such as apples or grapes
  • Toasted baguette slices or crackers
  • A light, refreshing white wine, such as Sauvignon Blanc
  • Fresh, roasted vegetables, such as asparagus or bell peppers

Stay tuned for more cheese-inspired articles, and get ready to elevate your snack game!

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